Saturday, 1 September 2007

"This film is inspired by actual events..."

I recently had another look at, a website I used to frequent during my A-Level days, and I seem to have missed a lot of decent content.

First on my list of notables includes a short film (seventh down on the page) based around events that took place one evening in 1886:

"On March 9, 1886, as Verne was coming home, his twenty five year old nephew, Gaston, with whom he had entertained lengthy and affectionate relations, charged at him with a gun. As the two wrestled for it, it went off. The second bullet entered Verne's left leg. He never fully recovered. Gaston spent the rest of his life in an asylum, and the incident was hushed up by the media."

I really like the way this is filmed. They've taken the basic premise of the story and worked their own style of art direction into the piece. It sort of reminds me of a piece of opera, in the way that the story is portrayed in means other than just acting. Art of course, is basically just a representation of an object or scene, infused with the artists own extrapolations, feelings and skills. And that's what they've done here. The sound design is great; it tells part of the story instead of merely being an accompaniment to it. The moody crackles that are in the background at the start of the film set the tone for its events; is it the similarity to the sound of thunder that helps this along?

Additionally, take a look at this:

It's really weird, but I like it. I'm not sure what to make of it really...but isn't that the point of abstract art?

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