Sunday, 23 September 2007

Halo 3 Believe

This is an awesome promo site for the new Xbox game, Halo 3. The designers have gone beyond the usual approach of providing a couple of screenshots and a nice flash interface, and actually built a model of a battle, which is fully interactive. The story is that it is a monument to a great struggle, and you can walk around it. You can control the camera to look at whatever you want and click on points of interest which add depth to the story. These include videos and first-hand accounts of the battle. It's really very impressive as a piece of website design - once again, an attempt at immersion, at telling a story or a message by way of interactiion. It's well known that if you tell someone something they're far less likely to remember it than if you made them do it. The whole concept really helps to add to the story and atmosphere surrounding the game. The music is also very fitting; the sort of sad, wistful piano music that suits the sadness that the designers wanted to create here.

I spent about half an hour looking at everything; there's a lot to see. You can download wallpapers, watch videos, take screenshots etc. It's very interesting and very well done, very believable. It's great to see designers taking so much effort to blend story and visuals together for something as simple as promotional website.

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