Sunday, 2 September 2007

Channel 4 Idents

Love 'em. No other channel has such diverse, intriguing and stylish idents, or channel presence for that matter. BBC2 used to be the best, with their variations on the '2' (robotic 2, flying 2 etc. etc.), but 4Creative's launch of these idents a couple of years back was a great idea. They took the traditional segmented 4 logo, and dragged it into the 21st Century, without losing its sensible look.

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alexheylings said...

The Channel 4 idents do take you in aswel. Even when you've watched them a thousand times, you still wait to see the '4' come into view. Im even quite impressed with the new Channel 4 + 1 ident. They have a simple idea but it works really well.