Monday, 3 September 2007

Camouflaged Bibles

Picture the scene. You're a hunter out in remote mountains, with just your rifle for company. You see what could be your prize of the day, a large deer, and decide that before trying to bag this catch you'd like to pray with God. Problem is, you've only got a standard Bible with a rubbish red cover that would easily arouse suspicion. What do you do?

Never fear, Christian Outdoorsman is here. Offering a selection of camouflaged bibles for the hardcore Christian hunter, including the 'NIV Bible In Realtree Camo' ("It's finally here... a Camo bible in NIV! It is also The only Bible in Real Tree Hardwood Green!") and boys and girls models. What a crazy idea for a USP. Still, you gotta love people who are willing to chance strange ideas; after all, that's what entrepreneurialism and creativity are all about.

Only in America though.

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