Wednesday, 17 October 2007

FAO Paul Wilson...Design that Inspires

Choosing two pieces of design that I really like is hard, but I found this one recently whilst browsing a packaging book. It's a CD cover design for an independant record label, showcasing the best of British. Instead of merely covering it with funky photoshopped graphics, the designers Stylo Studio went for a meat-packaging spoof, replacing the words "British Beef" with "British Beat".

The promotional CD came in the above package, a proper meat tray with the correct labelling. An image of beef was used on the actual CD. The general release product came in the following package:

This design is obviously much more conventional, but I still like the way they've followed the theme through, by maintaining the same print out on the CD and using the meat label as the front cover.

I guess I like it because it's a very simple idea, executed in a very concise way. Nothing is over the top, and everything comes together to make a piece of work that is clever, and fairly humourous too.

The other piece of work that I really like is the following:

The simplest and cleverest work is what appeals to me the most, in all of design. There's not much to think about, it's just pure concept executed perfectly.