Tuesday, 11 September 2007

HP Blackbird 002 Gaming PC

HP have just launched a new PC. And normally this would hardly be cause for notice, but this is not just any PC. This is the Blackbird 002. And it's pretty special. It's HP's first attempt at designing a PC to appeal to PC gamers and enthusiasts, and there's a pretty cool website behind it.

HP's design concept here seems to have been to make it look as like car advertising as possible. Everything's sleek. Everything looks really professional and stylish, with an industrial look that complements the case design. It's all rather good looking.
Maybe the website isn't particularly inventive, but it's nicely done. There are little touches, such as the "HP Labs 2007, Level 5 RAID/1.1KW Power, 10,000RPM Raptor Drive, 533MHz - 3000MHz" at the bottom right of the page. It's just like a car manufacturer boasting about their new sportscar.

I like the 'industrial-lite' theme that the site has - with the darker, subtler colours, stripes and stenciled sans serifs. The intro to the website is good as well; with the panning shots of the grilles and power buttons, you really think you're looking at something powerful and almost dangerous.

It's good to see PCs being marketed as more than just beige boxes.

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