Sunday, 2 September 2007

Following on from the Optical Illusions video, I backtracked to find the source of this malarkey. is the website of Paul Neave, self-described "serial Flash fettler and interactive designer". One look at the site is enough to send a Flash fan into spasms of envy at Neave's creative skills. This guy knows his Flash.

On display are a selection of retro games lovingly recreated, Neave TV (where I found the beforementioned video), a random flower generator, your imagination, a planetarium, Flash Earth, a really trippy strobe, and my personal favourite - a graphic representation of whatever music you're playing.

The site is immaculately designed. I really like the way that the edges of the main menu morph depending on what you mouseover. His Flickr photos are worth checking out too.

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Augustuzs said...

Paul Neave is a genius!