Monday, 3 September 2007

"It's all swings and landmines to me"

"On Sunday 1st April artist and activist Will St. Leger placed 100 fake 'landmines' made from stenciled metal plates in (a) park around Dublin, Ireland. Will St. Leger: "The reason for doing this was to get people asking themselves "what if the world I walked in was littered with landmines?" By planting the fake landmines Will wants to highlight the lethal threat they pose to millions of people in 80 countries every day. " The only time that people really think about things is if they encounter them in their daily lives." A sticker on the back of the devices provides information on landmines. "They're nearly all gone now, the Police took away most of them when a tourist called the emergency number to report 'Landmines'. Afterwards, I wondered who the people of Laos, Cambodia and Iraq gonna call when they step on real landmine?"

A great idea for an ambient media campaign. As Leger rightly points out, people often fail to see things until they're right in front of them, and what could be more eye-catching than a bloody great landmine? Especially in such a setting, an oasis of calm where parents hope their precious ones are safe and sound. I think it would definitely have an effect on me. Kids can and do get blown up by landmines regularly, and the tradegy is that its all old news these days. Everyone's apathetic. In a Fathers For Justice stylee, this is exactly what needs to be done to get people's attention.

Leger calls himself an "artivist", a fusion of artist and activist.

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