Saturday, 15 September 2007

And now on Weetabix...

These TV adverts have been on for quite a while, and are a nice spin on the usual TV channel idents. The basic premise involves a shot of some Weetabix combined with a meal idea; for example Weetabix with fruit. The presentation is great; the Weetabix is shot against a blue background and there are some nice shots of the milk splashing over the 'bix, making them look a lot more appetising than just chunks of dry wheat. The background 'muzak' is exactly right as well; basically tuneless ambience just like most TV idents. I think my favourite ad is '6: Pudding' where the fruit comes out from underneath the Weetabix like the tools in a Swiss Army Knife. I just think its really clever.

The website continues the TV theme. The main navigation is contained within a television, a menu system similar to Sky's interactive controls. You can view all seven of the TV adverts, look at recipes, and enter a competition to win a stupidly large TV (presumably to watch while eating your Weetabix). The TV adverts are in the 'Commercial TV' section.

It's good to see Weetabix putting some effort into rejuvenating their brand. Especially when it's as well produced as this. Too many cereal companies rely on shooting mums and kids eating cereals at the breakfast table...which is dull frankly. The presentation of these new adverts encourages you to examine the possibilities in the humble 'bix. Instead of just treating them as the pappy wheat slabs they are. Setting them as TV idents catches your eye as well; to my knowledge no-one has tried this before. First time I saw one I wondered if ITV had been taken over by the evil cereal industry. But alas, thankfully not.

Good concept, clever methodology and good execution make this a winner.

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