Sunday, 23 September 2007

Dave - 'the home of witty banter'

In an interesting move this week, TV channel UKTV has announced it is rebranding its G2 channel 'Dave'. The channel carries programs such as Top Gear and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. The reasoning behind this name change is that 'everyone knows someone called Dave'. Dave's boss, Steven North, added: "Changing the channel name to Dave enables us to create a strong and noisy personality for the channel that immediately aligns us with our core 16-34 male audience."

I quite like the promo material for this, as shown above. Clarendon is a good choice for a font, being pretty trendy at the moment...and then you've got the giraffe indoors...crazy! The slogan is good as well..."the home of witty banter" - exactly what the core market is interested in. I think it's a good idea; the only other male-oriented channel is probably Men & Motors, which has a pretty tame channel presence in comparison. It will be interesting to see what this develops into.

I also like being credited as the home of witty banter ;)

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