Thursday, 22 November 2007

Simplifying Communication

Communication may have evolved in the past several thousand years, but new challenges constantly emerge.  A key challenge is in IT.  As I mentioned earlier, communication has evolved when faced with the internet and modern technology.  But a whole subset of new words has sprung up - some user-created, and some created as a means of communicating about the new technology.  People often find these terms confusing - even as a regular internet user, I often find myself looking things up.  Could a device to help people be created?  A dictionary? Some kind of translation tool for older folks or cave-dwellers who've never used the internet?

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pwilson said...

the idea of a glossary or useful tool might be it for the project: not necessary a how-to guide but more of a functioning product. it could be a publication of some sort: i think, as we discussed on friday, that the words (and examples / instance) might need to be collected from a variety of sources and situations. i don't necessarily see this thing as a guide for (insert age/demographic) but more a record of language change via technology. could be implemented on and off-screen?