Saturday, 16 June 2007

A Nice Advert From Nike

There's been a pretty cool advert on TV lately - the "I Am Addicted" Nike Plus advert featuring a voiceover from Edward Norton. I really like this because everything fits really well to create a piece of work that melds together and really flows. Here's the copy:

"I am addicted, I've collected footsteps before dawn, Seen places I never knew existed, Run to the moon and back, Been a rabbit for the neighbourhood dogs, Obeyed the voice in my head, Let music carry me when I couldn't, Raced against yesterday, Let the world be my witness, Measured myself in metres, Kilometres, And finally character, I've plugged into a higher purpose, Left this world and come back changed. I am addicted."

I love the sign-off: "I Am Addicted" and then the music kicks in's a great example of selling the 'taste' of a company rather than simply one of its products.

Agency: W+K/Amsterdam
Soundtrack: A-Bomb

The voiceover and music are really key here as well. They contribute to the slowly building prose, with Norton's flat tone making you appreciate the words themselves and what they mean. A-Bomb have actually had so many requests for the soundtrack they're considering releasing it professionally. With an average soundtrack, the advert would have been alright, but it wouldn't have communicated the slick image that Nike wants, and it would have quickly faded away.

I really like Edward Norton's voice. Fight Club is one of my favourite films, and I find his incessant narration quite enjoyable. Maybe I'm strange, but as Marshall McLuhan said, "The medium is the message". I just think it adds a lot to the film and this advert.

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